Our mission

    - Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 or better by 2030

    - Utilize unused renewable power in wind and sun rich countries

    - Net-zero emissions is possible – and far more simple then other let us think

    - Heavy industry need to be pushed to rethink there productions methods

    - Zero emission technology is already competitive

    - Carbon benefits will regenerate additional momentum to the transition

Our Targets

The biggest sources of Co2

Energy use
CO2 emissions

In 2018, Industry accounted for 29% of energy use and 42% of direct Co2 emissions

Source: IEA World Energy Outlook 2019

Our solution

Our green technology

How we produce CO2free

green iron


green hydrogen

The iron-steam process produces high-purity hydrogen by separating the hydrogen production and feedstock oxidation steps using iron oxides subjected to redox cycles.

The iron-steam process is one of the oldest processes for producing hydrogen and was already known in the 18th century. The process is based on the fact that iron in its red-hot state binds the oxygen in the water vapor, so that hydrogen and iron oxides are formed. Wustite (FeO) and magnetite (Fe304) will preferably form, since hematite (Fe2O3) is reduced again by traces of hydrogen. The reactions are exothermic.

3 benefits how green iron support
the Energy Transition

As a direct output of the process, the iron is transferred to so-called HBI

Hot Briquetted Iron

Hot briquetted iron or HBI is a superior form of sponge iron or DRI. It is a high-density steel industry raw material. HBI is mainly sought after because of it’s high thermal and electrical conductivity, resistance to degradation to handling and weathering, etc. They also have low reactivity with fresh and salt water.

is a a high-density steel industry raw material with high thermal and electrical conductivity, resistance to degradation to handling and weathering. This is the source for high-quality steels based on a CO2-neutral raw material and energy-optimized on-site production.

We can supply you HBI with constituency of more than 85% of FeM. HBI is also available in bulk vessel shipments.

Due to its high energy density iron (Fe) is an ideal source of energy,
The energy source of the future must deliver a lot of energy, be available worldwide and be linked to the existing infrastructure.

Iron powder has it all!


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